Earn Bitcoin Posting

There are many way to earn bitcoin and probably this is my most favorite one. Do you know the phrase friends with benefits? Well this is somehow exactly like it. You learn and at the same time you earn. Earn bitcoin posting on a forum is fun way to know about the latest information about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

You can meet new people with the same interest as you do, interact and share knowledge with each other. The larger the community the better. Sharing and discussing opinions is a part of learning. Bitcoin is not constant and neither other cryptocurrencies. You can not stick to the knowledge that you know today about bitcoin, because every day it changes. Just a couple of months 2 bitcoin forks happen and new coins emerge. The price of bitcoin change faster than a speeding bullet everyday.

Crypto-Forums is a friendly cryptocurrency community that have many information about bitcoin and other related topics about it. If your a beginner and don’t know much about cryptocurrency then you can ask anything pertaining to the topics you don’t understand and you will get answers to your questions right away.

Members can create a thread to voice out their thoughts and reply to other threads of other members to voice out their opinion or answer to question of the opening post.

Earn While Posting

Here is the best part, every time you post or create a thread or get a referral you get paid. The minimum payuot is 0.00005000 satoshi directly to your wallet or any micro wallet. One point is equivalent to 0.00000001 satoshi.


Earn Bitcoin Posting is very easy.But you can not post just anything and you can not spam the forums. Doing this things will result in your account ban. Members are classified in different usergroups. Every group have rules and some have limitations. When a member join, he will be place at the lowest part of the group. Promotions are screen by the administrator and members need to request it to Rules,Announcements,Newsthen click the application tab and post your request. (contribution is not the form of money, when a member made articles that beneficent to other members for informational preference)

Explaination About Usergroups

  • CryptoNoob – After registering , all users are put in this group . In this group , your new threads will have to pass a moderation . Also daily post limit is set to 10.
  • CryptoLeet – This group is one step higher than CryptoNoob . For this group members , they can post a new thread as they like across the board but daily post limit is set to 20 . There will be no moderation.
  • CryptoLegend – They have no restriction & earn very well.
  • Moderator – They moderate each specified sections.
  • Super Moderator – They moderate across all over the board.
  • Administrator – Making rules , guarding forum , looking for where to get revenue from this forum

Checking Balance

Checking how many bitcoin satosih your account have. Just click one of your post adnd look at the right side with your account information. You can see your account balance, the number of thanks your post receive, your reputation, how many post and thread you created.

Check Balance


When your account balance reach 0.00005000 satoshi you can withdraw it. Just enter your username and the amount of satoshi you wish to withdraw. Payments are sent 24-48 hours after request to faucethub. Members aso have the option to send donation using this feature.

If you want to join the forum and be part of the community click the link Here and well see you there

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