Enjoy Decentralized Art at Satoshi’s Place

The world of art and cryptocurrency collide at Satoshi’s Place, an online site where anyone can paint pixels for the price of a single satoshi.

For those cryptocurrency enthusiasts who fancy themselves to be talented (or not-so-talented) artists, they can indulge their creative whims at a new website called Satoshi’s Place. This site is a collaborative artboard created by Lightning K0ala that gives everyone the ability to paint individual pixels for the cost of a single satoshi.

Powered by the Lightning Network

Satoshi’s Place shows the power and speed of the Lightning Network for the Bitcoin blockchain. There are one million pixels that people can paint using a simple MS Paint-style interface. It costs one satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, to paint one pixel.

What is interesting is that pixels can be painted over. Thus, the artwork is incredibly organic and changes over time, depending upon the whims of the users.

Satoshi's Place

You can see some classical artwork on the site, such as the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, and The Birth of Venus. There’s even The Scream, although the face of that particular work of art has been painted over.

People are expressing some political and economic views as well on Satoshi’s Place. You can see “Free Tommy Robinson” and various slogans concerning Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. There’s even Pepe the Frog and Deadpool.

Going to the Gutter

Satoshi’s Place features both order and chaos, especially as pixels are painted over. As you would expect, there’s also a race to the gutter by a number of individuals. There are some pornographic images, not to mention the drawing of quite a few penises as well.

Proponents of Bitcoin have even had some fun at the expense of Roger Ver, the pusher of Bitcoin Cash, by painting slogans and putting penises on his image. It’s quite an interesting example of unchecked artistic freedom where people can go high or low.

The creator of Satoshi’s Place notes that people are diving deep into the technology, saying that the site “is entering its next stage of evolution, people have figured out the API, created scripts to upload images, painted the whole board (for about $60), and then someone reverted it back to a previous state.”

All in all, this is a fun and creative way to showcase the Lightning Network. It’s also amazing to see how creative people can get, especially as they work to add services to the site. It’s definitely worth checking out as it’s like watching crypto-based graffiti in action.

Will you try your artistic skills at Satoshi’s Place? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Satoshi’s Place, Shutterstock, and Twitter/@LightningK0ala.

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