Faucet in A Box

This faucet script is one of the first script use by bitcoin faucet owners. It originally belong to faucetbox.com as their faucet script for their micro wallet site, but because they are not profiting from the site they decided to close it. Bitcoin faucet faucetinabox script is still being use and since it is open source some developers like the owner of makejar contribute in making the script more secure and stable.

This script is easy to tweak specially the design. You can integrate it in almost any one page html5 template or even in wordpress website. The security is good because of the extra anti-cheat code. Very lite so it opens very fast in any browser.

Extra page for a faucet is no problem with faucetinabox script all you need to do is click tab and click add page and it will add an extra page in your faucet. Other faucets requires the need to code when doing this. Modals can also be use for extra security and can easily be added to the code.


How To Setup A Faucet Using Faucetinabox Script

1. You will need a domain name. Free subdomain wont let you earn because you will be denied when you apply for a publisher account for advertising networks.

2. You will need a hosting to host your website.

3. Register in faucethub Here. You will need a micro wallet website to pay your visitors and faucethub is a trusted website with that handles hundreds of faucets payments.

4. Download the scripts r69 and r84. You need to extract r69 first then update it with r84 version of fauceintinabox script.

5. populate your faucet with adverts. You can fined Bitcoin advertising networks here

Demo Coming Soon   Download Script

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